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Cutchi Memon Jamath, Mysore, Karnataka, India

The origins of Cutchi Memons of Mysore City are not entirely known.  It is believed that a century or so ago some Cutchi Memon families migrated to Mysore city from Bangalore, and started involving themselves in business and agriculture. They cultivated paddy fields, which they acquired on lease.  There were twelve families initially; five more followed from Bangalore, Nilgiris, Cochin and Bombay.  Division among these families has resulted in forty sub-families.

Most Cutchi Memons speak Urdu at home; only a few families have retained Cutchi as their mother tongue.  They are well educated.  "Purdah" was observed strictly in some families.

As Cutchi Memons are generally known to have business acumen, most Cutchi Memons in Mysore City are found to be in business:  furniture hire and sale, optical goods, real estate, electrical appliances, carets and furnishings, textiles, etc.  Education has ensured Cutchi Memons becoming engineers, computer professionals, etc.  Some have migrated to distant lands.