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Cutchi Memon Jamat, Satara, Maharashtra, India

Satara is located in Maharashtra State in Western India, and has about 150 Cutchi Memons from 22 Cutchi Memon families.  Although Cutchi Memons migrated to Satara from various parts of India as traders and merchants over the span of a century, it is only during the last five decades that the Cutchi Memon population has increased dramatically.  When the need for a Jamat was felt, Kasam Umer Kacchi (Galaria), Abdul Gaffar, Ishaque Kacchi (Isani), Mohammed Memon invited all members of the 22 families to a meeting to discuss its formation,   This meeting was held on October 19, 1992, and was a great success.  All Cutchi Memons present at the meeting decided to form a Jamat, and to elect a Managing Committee. This proved that there was unity among Cutchi Memons of Satara, and great love among the brethren. The following members were elected unopposed to the Managing Committee:

President: Abdul Gani Siddique Kacchi (Dewani)

Vice President: Abdul Gaffar Ishaque Kacchi (Isani)

Treasurer: Haroon Mohammed Memon

Secretary: Irfan Kasam Kacchi (Galaria)

Managing Director: Raffique Haji Abdul Rehman Kacchi (Dewani)

Committee Members:

Meher Ahmed Ramjoo

Abdul Sattar Siddique Kacchi (Dewani)

Salim Razzak Memon

Mohamed Husain Abdul Gani Kacchi (Dewani)

Salim A. Gaffar Kacchi (Isani)

Salim Haji Abdul Rehman Kacchi (Dewani)

Iqbal Abdul Shakoor Kacchi (Naskani).

The aims and objects of the Jamat are to encourage, promote and foster feelings of brotherhood, unity and concord among our brethren, and to strive for the upliftment of Cutchi Memons in the religious, educational, social, economical, cultural and other areas so as to bring about a speedier progress of the community.

The Jamat has planned several activities for the future such as constructing a Jamatkhana, offering scholarships to successful students, loans to needy on a not-for-profit basis, etc. Insha Allah, all these activities will soon come to fruition.  We praise Allah for the prosperity and unity of Cutchi Memons of Satara.

[Mr. Irfan Kasam Kacchi (Galaria) wrote the above report for the 1993 Souvenir of the World Conference of the All India Cutchi Memon Federation.   We hope Irfanbhai and his other Cutchi Memons read this report, and comment on updates.  I would be grateful to receive their updated report on the Cutchi Memon Jamat of Satara.  Jazak Allah Khair - Arif G. Kadwani]

Information courtesy: Arif G. Kadwani, Cutchi Memon Jamat of North America

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pawan gera said...

wow, these historical places are so nice and beautiful. I liked the Fatma Sanatorium Mosque, Deolali/Devlali, Maharashtra and Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata.

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